20 Valid reasons for insuring your assets and crop with Santam Agri

20 Valid reasons for insuring your assets and crop with Santam Agri


With a全国性存在and experience that stretches over100 years,圣地农业在南非农业产业中坚持不懈。其知识渊博和熟练的专家团队对农业的基本面具有稳定的了解,并能够帮助客户积极管理风险。

Santam.农业is internationally recognised for its ability to underwrite weather related risks on crops.

3. Quality and True Value Cover
Santam.农业offers quality and true value cover as a set of clear and concise solutions designed to suit every client’s unique environment and personal insurance needs.

Santam.prides itself on its reputation for superior claims experiences and a streamlined pay-out process.


  1. Santam.农业offers a set of specialist solutions designed to suit each client’s unique insurance needs, ranging from livestock and game to pivot irrigation systems cover.
  2. 圣地农业为不仅保障庄稼和资产的农民提供不断创新的保险解决方案,而且还有助于带来安心。
  3. Santam农业旨在通过广泛的风险防范和减少解决方案提供完整和卓越的保险经验,同时允许我们的农民自由专注于成长业务。
  4. Our wide range of insurance solutions and risk cover options include diversified and bespoke solutions through the Santam Specialist insurance suite.
  5. Santam农业了解保险专业知识在为客户提供最合适的封面以满足个人需求时至关重要。这就是为什么我们与他们可信赖和知识渊博的经纪人合作,以确保正确和足够的封面。
  6. Santam农业不仅提供资产保护,而且还保护您免受农场负债,由于性质,火灾,大坝墙损坏,死亡或伤害和产品责任的损害而导致。
  7. Santam农业为农民和生产者提供额外的福利,确保属于注册和批准的消防协会(FPA)的客户也受益于减少的保费以及灭火成本的选择。
  8. Our policies are flexible enough to incorporate all your insurance requirements. If required, a number of options can be added including: Cover for goods being transported, Guesthouses, Extended cover for your 4 x 4, Death of your livestock
  9. As farmers or producers, you can take extra insurance to cover against Employees stealing your property & Death of you or your farm worker.
  10. 当我们的综合电机封面覆盖时,您可以从中受益于:机动车维修直到R5 000,恕不另行同意,或有责任,55岁以上个人的个人豁免豁免,农业拖拉机的轮胎损坏,收割机和农业实施损失R30 000,车辆租赁如果由于损失或损坏导致您的车辆无法使用,电机事故死亡效益为每位乘员的员工最高达到R60 000。
  11. 在Santam,我们为电子设备提供专业风险解决方案。笔记本电脑,平板电脑或类似的电子设备旨在由一个人携带,享受全球覆盖物。拖拉机或收割机中使用的“汽车飞行员”等专业性质的项目可以在电子设备部分上保险。

At Santam we understand the importance of emergency assistance when our clients are in need. As part of our value added service offering, all Santam Agriculture clients receive free access to the Europ Assistance emergency services.

The beneficiaries of these services are the insured, his/her employees and any guest or visitor to the property within the borders of South Africa and Namibia.

The 24-hour emergency assistance value added services include:
  1. Personal Health Advisor
  2. Medical Assistance
  3. 法律咨询
  4. 危机线
call 0860 505 911 for immediate assistance.