How to change your business game plan in tense economic times

How to change your business game plan in tense economic times

Adapting to unprecedented circumstances is not easy. Pivoting takes planning, agility, fortitude, and a collaborative approach. Now is the time for entrepreneurial-minded individuals to spot market gaps and come up with the micro-innovations required to fill them. Philippa Wild from Santam and Doris Viljoen from Stellenbosch University weigh in on how businesses can change their game plan to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis.

菲利帕野生, Head of Commercial Underwriting at Santam, says an entrepreneurial mindset is essential in the current climate. “To change your game plan and adapt to the pandemic - it’s pivotal to really hone in on what’s important right now. An entrepreneurial mindset begins with curiosity and a sustained hunger to learn. Harness this and use the pandemic to force focus and drive innovation.”


  1. 首先,人们总是:枢转的决定需要是一个共享的。确保您要求从团队中输入并从一开始就使其成为合作努力。打开地板,听到你的人民建议和解决方案;并加速连续通信 - 比沟通欠沟道更好。确保每个人都感到舒适,在整个过渡过程中明确定义了角色,情感支持和培训。
  2. Look ahead:当被如此多的不确定性包围时,它很容易被恐惧和犹豫不决瘫痪。现在是时候审查您的业务运营和服务;尽可能寻求更强大,成本效益的替代品。确定迭代创新的任何商业差距或机会并追求它们。对您的支出以及如何使用您的时间谨慎态度。继续思考大流行 - 您如何为长期设定业务?
  3. 是专门的和客户中心现在,许多南非人都在挣扎。可以提供实际价值的企业,并以某种方式为人们的生活带来有形的影响将赢得忠诚。现在是时候将客户为中心到新的高度,优化了每个接触点的客户旅程,消除了疼痛点和精简效率。看看途中带来一致的微观创新,并要求客户的想法和反馈。
  4. Protect what you’ve built确保您的业务和资产得到适当的保险。如果您计划改变您的事情,请考虑如何影响您的个人和业务涵盖需求。澳门新金莎在线开户例如,通过遥控工作,您的所有资产都可以像家庭使用的PC?您是否考虑过保险金额以及您的封面是否需要增加,例如,由于汇率的变化?您是否调整了您的保费来解释您可能不会驾驶的事实?

While Wild gives some insight into什么考虑枢转,Doris Viljoen,Stellenbosch大学期货研究所的高级未来学家,股票可以激发灵感的新兴趋势如何to pivot. “Numerous global trends were already emerging before the COVID-19 pandemic, and now they provide opportunities for businesses that are considering a move to something new.”

Viljoen highlights four trends that hold exciting possibilities:

  1. Platform organisations:人们越来越愿意分享资产,平台技术使他们能够获得和支付或分享对资产的访问。这允许企业以先前不能的方式彼此进行创新或互动。
  2. Order from the source / shorten the supply chain:Growing numbers of customers are looking for products from their own community, items that are proudly home grown. It is an eco-conscious trend where consumers are looking for products that did not have to be imported over long distances; they want a smaller carbon footprint.
  3. (Re)Emergence of the makers, artisans and fixers:Artisan-everything is increasing (think bread, alcoholic beverages, jams, clothing, cheese, cured meat, oils, vinegars, etc.). The fixers (plumbers, electricians, people that fix or repurpose existing products and make new ones through woodwork, metalwork, etc.) are also enjoying increasing market opportunities because people are becoming more responsible in terms of re-using assets to reduce potential waste.
  4. 增加连接和数字流畅度加油数字中断:数字通信系统跨越地球,使连接的可能性增加以及随时随地随时随地与任何人与任何人通信的可能性。人们的数字流利程度也在增加。这两个趋势在一起开放的现有系统中断的机会。

Wild concludes, “Changing your game plan takes gumption, fortitude and forward-thinking. It’s critical to scenario plan to mitigate prospective risks and give yourself every chance of success. Make sure your business is properly covered so you protect what you have built and are in the process of building. Speak to your financial adviser to come up with a plan to navigate your insurance needs as your business model changes.”

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