10 exciting ways drones are transforming businesses

10 exciting ways drones are transforming businesses

近年来,无人机已经从军事仪器从阳光下渗透到阳光下的几乎所有类型的行业,包括农业。Besides being seen as a cool novelty, businesses are starting to realise how these remotely piloted aircrafts can help them节省成本,促进运营效率,开辟新的收入流。Drone technology is getting more advanced by the day as sophisticated sensors allow drones to gather a wealth of data.

The drone economy is set to explode, with Goldman Sachs forecasting a $100 billion market opportunity over the next five years, so at some point your commercial clients might look to you for advice on safeguarding their operations.


  1. 货运和交付:从亚马逊到沃尔玛,它只是一个时间才能达到家庭的包裹。它们还可用于将药物和物资运输到灾区,例如,应该有疾病爆发或严重的洪水。
  2. 医疗的: In the Netherlands, a university is already testing ambulance drones, which can be used to deliver things like automatic external defibrillators. This can greatly increase survival rates with cases of cardiac arrests.
  3. 协助保险评估:很快,保险公司将使用无人机来获取洪水或火灾的损害,或通过飞越汽车和铁路事故,收集可在索赔期间提供帮助的图像。
  4. 商用电影制作: Drones can capture images and video which would be extremely expensive for a helicopter to take - at a fraction of the cost. Drones are also used during sporting events, especially filming extreme sports, and to help athletes and sports teams to analyse and improve their performance.
  5. 搜索和救援:Drones with thermal vision cameras can help find missing persons at night or in burning buildings.
  6. 保护: The World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) has used drones since 2012 to monitor the populations of rhinos, tigers, elephants and deer in Nepal.
  7. 监测空气污染:甲烷传感器无人机可用于检查气体管道和罐,有助于创造清洁环境和战斗风险。
  8. 采矿和采石:使用无人机来调查结构,建筑物或采石场面临的意味着将工人纳入危险或危险区域。
  9. 警务和执法:Again, drones are much cheaper to use than police helicopters to survey large crowds or during search and rescue operations. Drones can also be fitted with non-lethal tools such as Tasers, or be used to snatch illegal drones out of the sky!
  10. 天气无人机:虽然目前的气象学家使用雷达,卫星和气球来检查大气条件,但无人机可以进入较低的大气层,以帮助预测员更准确地预测天气模式。这意味着龙卷风警告可以比平常更早地给予60分钟。


With all these new opportunities come new risks so those looking to integrate drones into an existing business model should familiarise themselves with relevant legislation. The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) identifies operational drones as aircraft that have to abide by laws similar to those of manned aircraft. For commercial use especially, there’s strict legislation in place. As soon as you use a drone to earn income – even if you’re just selling footage you captured in your private capacity – you need to follow certain laws. Here are some of the main ones:

  1. 商业驱动器飞行员需要将他或她的远程飞行员许可证作为起点,其次是空运服务许可证(来自运输署)和远程运营商证书(来自Sacaa)
  2. 无人机不在机场,AIRSTRIP或Helipad的10公里半径内飞行
  3. 无人机必须在白天和晴朗的天气条件下运行
  4. 无人机可能不会被陶醉的个人飞行
  5. 无人机可能不会在任何人,财产或公共道路的50米半径范围内飞行


All about commercial drone insurance

In an environment rich in risk exposure – from human inexperience to theft to technical failings – the cost of the total loss of a drone can be devastating to a business. Insurance for drones is similar to an aircraft insurance policy, with third-party liability highly recommended.

In order to secure commercial drone insurance, business owners first need to decide what kind of cover they require – and how much of it – in line with the market value of their drone. Santam Aviation has developed an insurance product that provides the full spectrum of cover for drone owners and operators within the private and commercial space. Santam is one of the few insurers that are willing to insure this niche area of insurance.



The Santam Aviation policy offers full and comprehensive cover on the drone whether operated or not. This includes liability cover and comprehensive third party cover on the limit the client elects to take. Commercial or business policyholders should, however, note that the company will not indemnify the insured against liability in respect of the ownership, hire purchase or leasing of any aircraft as this is regulated by the Civil Regulations Act. It is therefore important that drones used in commercial applications are covered under a separate aviation policy which provides greater security against liability claims as a result of drone activities.


  • 在其操作或常规测试环境中涵盖RPA(机身,有效载荷,发射站和/或GCS)的物理损失和损坏。
  • Hull war extension cover: physical loss or damage to RPAS as a consequence of a deliberate/malicious act or act of sabotage.
  • 战争责任延期封面:第三方负债损失或损害由于使用RPA出来的故意/恶意行为或破坏行为。



  • They need to declare whether they’re intending to take the RPAS across the border.
  • They need to declare whether they intend to do any hazardous flying – like at night or near power-lines
  • 根据任何标准飞行运行,他们需要保持飞行日志。

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