It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when – cybercrime is on the rise

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when – cybercrime is on the rise

The outbreak of COVID-19 has posed additional challenges to businesses as more and more employees are forced to work from home making cybersecurity a major concern.

Cyber criminals no longer only target large corporates. Big or small business, city or small town – no one is exempt from criminals trying to gain access to your money or personal information. However, smaller businesses are arguably more vulnerable to cybercrimes than big businesses as they often lack the resources to mitigate these threats. According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, cybercriminals are now pocketing an estimated $1.5 trillion annually — five times the approximate cost of natural disasters in 2017 and $500 billion more than U.S. insurance industry net premiums written in the same year.


With these statistics in mind and people adjusting to the new normal of remote working, we’ve put together information on the types of things cyber criminals are looking for, what a breach can mean for your business and ways to up your cyber security.



  • 试图“租用”计算机资源
  • 敲诈勒索,其中数据被保留赎金
  • 具有DDOS攻击或DDOS攻击威胁的抹布业务。分布式拒绝服务(DDOS)攻击是一种尝试通过从多个来源的流量压倒性来使在线服务无法实现。
  • Wi-Fi漏洞:作为一个中介,您可能往往出来,从笔记本电脑,平板电脑或手机工作。当您寻找免费Wi-Fi网络时,您可能会在不知不觉中连接到影子网络 - 一个旨在看起来像任何其他公共网络的系统,除了它被网络捕食者监控。提示:设置设备无法自动连接到可用网络。



  • 敏感的个人客户信息:澳门新金莎在线开户策略信息通常包括ID号,地址,汽车注册号 - 列表继续。这是对对身份欺诈感兴趣的犯罪分子的令人难以置信的有价值信息,因此您必须确保对此数据的访问受到限制和加密。
  • 客户银行详细信息:由于这是政策信息的一个组成部分,因此请确保将客户的银行详细信息存储在安全位置。
  • 商业data:在处理商业客户端时,您可能还存储网络犯罪分子可以向竞争对手销售的专有信息。再次,要小心你如何存储这些。



What’s more, depending on the damage that is done, you could be held liable and even face litigation. Therefore it’s imperative to have security measures in place to safeguard this information. It’s a good idea to back up your files daily and to store the data offsite or in the cloud. If you fall victim to cybercrime, you will have the most current records of the system, which should shorten any downtime considerably.

How to keep your business safe from cyberattacks

  1. Create your own security policy:Keep an eye out for news reports on the most common cyber threats. Be sure to stress the dangers of cybercrime to your employees and to constantly refresh their memories about the most important things they can do to protect your business. Warn them about common tricks, urge them to create strong passwords and remind them to regularly change passwords. Encourage them to ask if something feels a bit off.
  2. 密码:We’re all human and it can be difficult to remember countless passwords. But you must encourage your staff to choose strong passwords and to change them regularly. A strong password is at least 10 characters long and includes symbols (%,@,*) and numbers. You can useLastpass- a password manager that acts like a vault for all your account and password information – or use a密码生成器
  3. Be careful with software installations:严格谈论公司计算机上可以安装的内容,无需授权以提高计算机安全性。
  4. Install a firewall and anti-virus software:这些障碍旨在反对间谍软件和病毒和网络钓鱼攻击。
  5. Block access to restricted sites with internet filters:这将阻止员工和黑客将数据上传到存储云。
  6. Keep operating systems, software and browsers updated:那些讨厌的更新可能会令人讨厌,但它们存在,因此始终执行它们。调用“修补程序”,它们存在以修复您使用的软件中可以由黑客或恶意软件开发的软件中的漏洞。


Just like a fire drill, having a plan of action for responding to a cyber incident is crucial. Even more important, it should be practiced so that all your employees know exactly what to do in the event of a breach. Say your main database suffers a ransomware attack, how will you keep your business running? How will you reassure clients? You should also consider getting your own insurance保护自己免受收入损失,并通过相关保险来帮助自己从任何网络泄露恢复。

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